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Maintenance Process


1、 Warranty Policy


Junchuang Company is dedicated to providing every customer with perfect after-sales service guarantee. Anyone who purchases Junchuang Company's products through regular sales channels will enjoy the after-sales service provided by Junchuang within the warranty period, including:


PLC products shall be provided with free warranty service for 24 months from the date of delivery;


HMI products are guaranteed for free for 18 months from the date of delivery.


2、 Warranty conditions


Within the warranty period from the date of delivery, the appearance of the product and the barcode of the machine body are intact, the torn invalid sticker is complete, the machine has not been disassembled, modified or repaired without permission, and the damage is caused by non human factors during normal use.


3、 Precautions for repair


1. For products that meet the repair conditions, please indicate your company name, contact person, contact information, product failure and other information in the box before sending them for repair, which will help the maintenance personnel to accurately find problems and accelerate the repair progress;


2. Please back up the program parameters before repair. During repair, all product data may be cleared to avoid unnecessary loss;


3. About the repair freight: the round-trip freight within the warranty period shall be borne by both parties; The client shall bear the round-trip freight for products that are repaired artificially, returned without repair, repaired beyond the warranty period, and tested normally beyond the warranty period.


4. After sending the repair products, please pay attention to the progress in time. If you have any questions, please contact the Military Innovation Commerce Department 0592-7168796.


4、 Repair instructions


1. Maintenance cycle: product maintenance is generally completed within 5 working days;


2. Maintenance cost: 1) During the warranty period, the product with performance failure can be repaired free of charge; 2) For repair boards damaged artificially within the warranty period or beyond the warranty period, certain component fees and manual testing fees will be charged according to the actual situation.


3. Warranty description of maintenance products:


The components repaired and replaced by the military innovation company are warranted for 6 months. If the same failure occurs again within 6 months, they will be repaired free of charge. Only the components related to this repair are included in this warranty.

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