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  • Junchuang (Xiamen) Automation Technology Co., Ltd

    Junchuang (Xiamen) Automation Technology Co., Ltd


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    Military innovation automation

    Understand the dynamics of military innovation in real time


Junchuang (Xiamen) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, a national high-tech enterprise, specializing in the independent research and development and application of industrial automation products. As a technological innovation enterprise, Junchuang always adheres to independent research and development, deeply understands the on-site application and functional needs of equipment manufacturers, constantly researches and innovates products with military innovation characteristics, and uses advanced scientific research achievements to provide more competitive, advanced and reliable products and personalized industry customized solutions for the majority of equipment manufacturers, helping users create market competitive advantages.


The company's main products: independent research and development of standard/customized PLC programmable controller, motion controller, man-machine interface, etc. The products cover EtherCAT bus, Profinet bus, RTEX bus, CANopen bus, electronic cam, multi-axis motion control, multi-axis linkage differential compensation and other special functions. Successfully developed vertical packaging control system, pillow packaging control system, electronic cam cutting machine, chasing machine, straightening machine and other control systems, multihead weigher packaging control system, multi-axis motor control system, photovoltaic sun chasing control system, flat mask machine control system, N95 mask machine control system, popcorn machine control system, dispensing drop plastic control system and other solutions.


At present, the company enriches the product line at least 2 new products per month, with short R&D cycle, high efficiency and good quality. Products are mainly used in automatic dispensing, automatic packaging, photovoltaic power generation, data collection and analysis, automatic sewing, weaving, printing, food, medical and other fields of control systems and equipment manufacturers.


Junchuang is a warm, national feelings of the enterprise, we have not forgotten the original intention, adhering to the quality of international brands, cost-effective to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers in the World market, so that more enterprises use our own brand, let domestic controllers go global!