Warm congratulations to the army technology housewarming - a new era of dream and a new journey

Date:2022-10-14 18:30

On October 6, 2022, military enterprises ushered in another milestone in the development history ---- moved to their own factories. After 6 years of development and innovation, military creation has achieved certain brilliant results for the rising star of industrial control. The housewarming of the new site not only greatly improves the office environment, but also comprehensively upgrades the corporate image, but also provides new impetus for the sustainable development of Junchuang, indicating the bright and brilliant development prospects of Junchuang in the future.



Leader's speech


"Since the establishment of the company more than 6 years ago, with the development of the company, it has been the third housewarming. Different from the previous two times, this time is a self-purchase of factory buildings, which is both an honor and a determination to develop the business by leaps and bounds, which is of great significance! The planning of the new factory is obvious to all, in addition to work, there is also culture and life. ”

"The development of military innovation is inseparable from the joint efforts of everyone, and now we have come to the foot of the mountain in full gear and climb to the top of the mountain together in the future!" The speech of Mr. Zeng Jianjun, the general manager, greatly encouraged the morale of all employees, and everyone was full of confidence, and they said that they would be more active and hard working in the future.


Because of the epidemic, we have heard too much about the uncertainty of this era, but also experienced the impact of the market, when the enterprise goes through these cycles, we need a more agile, efficient and collaborative team to embrace market changes, as our upgraded enterprise core concept: anxious users, think what users think, create what users need, we always follow this concept to move forward, do not forget the original intention, intelligent manufacturing of domestic products, "intelligent creation of good products for users, create a good life for employees" mission is always working hard. Now that the chapter of military innovation has begun, let us continue to walk together in the future and create a better life together.


Anniversary – thanks for having you

The growth of the enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of every employee, on the occasion of the company's housewarming celebration, we carefully prepare a special anniversary gift for employees who have reached the age of more than 3 years to commemorate the years and growth we have experienced together, and at the same time thank the old employees for their efforts and contributions to the development of the company along the way. Bit by bit, converge into a river, along the way, thank you for having you! In the days ahead, we will continue to move forward side by side.


A new upgrade to start a new chapter

The company's relocation to a new location is not only an upgrade of the office environment, but also an upgrade of culture and life. The following is led by the editor to visit the cloud ~~~


Tip: Upgrade your corporate culture

Enterprise mission: to create good products for users and create a good life for employees

Enterprise vision: to become a world-renowned national brand in the field of industrial automation

Values: anxious for users, think about what users think, and create what users need

Core concept: do not forget the original intention, intelligent manufacturing of domestic products

Quality policy: quality-oriented, the pursuit of excellence

Social responsibility: chase the dreams of youth and contribute to the motherland


The newly upgraded corporate culture requires all military creators to work together, make progress together, and strengthen themselves! Only by strengthening yourself is the root of all problems!



I wonder if you are attracted by a group of runners on the cultural wall of the exhibition hall? This is exactly the development state of the military in the past 6 years, the scale of the company from 3 people to the current group of people, we have been running, never stopped moving forward.


We are a group of people who run a long way together, and the development of military innovation is inseparable from the "running" of each military creator, thank you for having you.


If Junchuang is a big tree, then you are one of the leaves, because with excellent you, the big tree is full of leaves, thank you!


In addition to the new upgrade of office environment and culture, a lot of energy has also been spent on employee leisure places, such as high-end coffee machines, billiard tables, table tennis tables, book bars....... Fancy creates a comfortable space that allows you to experience that working at work at work is more comfortable than at home.

End a busy day's work, play table tennis and billiards in the high-value leisure area, lean on the sofa to read a book to charge, drink a cup of coffee, relax the tired body, reduce the pressure for busy work, not only warm the hearts of employees, but also boost everyone's spirit of rolling up their sleeves and working hard, the fairy company that goes in both directions, Xiaobian really loves!


New starting point, new journey, military creators will face the future with a new attitude and higher requirements, and continuously improve the market influence and competitiveness of the industrial control industry. Finally, I sincerely thank the customers and allies who have given the company strong support for a long time, and wish us to make progress together, open a new era and build a new journey of dreams!