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JM-4P-2550T JM-24HMI

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JM-4P-2550T JM-24HMI

24 color drop molding machine (4-axis dispensing), equipped with hand-held teaching device
Fast path editing: Quickly implement commonly used offset, mirror array, etc.
Support multiple file formats:
Support AutoCAD, Sculpture, CNC and other file formats, including perpetual calendar


Small PLC

Glue dispensing and plastic dropping series

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Product Functions


Model Function
4-axis 4M high-speed differential output
24-color drop molding machine (4-axis dispensing) with handheld teach pendant
Built-in a variety of interpolation algorithms: arbitrary space straight line, arc, spiral interpolation, trajectory foresight, speed smooth transition and other algorithms
Quick path editing: Quickly implement commonly used offsets, mirror arrays, etc
Support a variety of file formats: Support AutoCAD, engraving, CNC and other file formats
There is a perpetual calendar


Product Features

Advanced power-down preservation technology, program permanent storage.

Pulse control mode: can drive up to 12 axis stepper/servo motor.

The program is encrypted and can be set whether to upload to protect the user's intellectual property rights.

You can download the program by plugging in a USB stick or use a dual-ended USB cable to download and monitor the program, the communication speed is faster, and the download rate can reach 12Mbps.

Using RS232, RS485 dual communication ports, can realize HMI or PC communication, compatible with MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS RTU communication protocol.