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JTM motion control 16 point host

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JTM motion control 16 point host

Program capacity: 16k program area
Input power supply: DC24V
Communication port: RS232/RS485
Expandable with: TE series


Small PLC

JTM series

16 points

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Product Functions

Model Function
16 point compact motion control host, 8DI/8DO (NPN transistor), 4-point maximum 200k high-speed input (X0-X3), 4-point maximum 150K high-speed output, with electronic cam.
Communication interface: RS232/RS485, 16 expansion modules can be connected on the right side (the maximum digital input/output connected to the host is 256/256), DC24V power supply
The corresponding product screen printing model is: JTM-16T

Naming Rules

Product Features

  • It can be expanded to 256 isolated input/output ports.
  • Advanced power-off saving technology, and the program is permanently saved.
  • Pulse control mode: up to 12 axis stepping/servo motors can be driven.
  • The program is encrypted and can be set to upload or not to protect users' intellectual property rights.
  • The program can be downloaded by inserting a USB flash disk or using a dual USB cable to download and monitor the program. The communication speed is faster, and the download speed can reach 12Mbps.
  • RS232 and RS485 double communication ports are adopted, which can realize HMI or PC communication and are compatible with MODBUS ASCII and MODBUS RTU communication protocols.

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Model List

Electronic cam PLC with oscilloscope function


Motion control functions




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