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3-axis 4M high-speed differential output, 1-axis 200K high-speed output
Fast path editing: Quickly implement commonly used offset, mirror array, etc.
Support multiple file formats:
Support AutoCAD, Sculpture, CNC and other file formats, including perpetual calendar


Small PLC

JM series

Glue dispensing and plastic dropping series

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Product Functions

Model Function
3-axis 4M high-speed differential output, 1-axis 200K high-speed output
The visual dispensing machine (4-axis dispensing) takes pictures of the product by the camera. The visual system recognizes the position offset and angle rotation of the product. This data is transmitted to the motion controller, which corrects the processing path accurately through the built-in algorithm.
Built in multiple interpolation algorithms: arbitrary space straight line, arc, spiral interpolation, track lookahead, speed smooth transition and other algorithms
Fast path editing: fast implementation of commonly used offset, mirror array, etc
Support multiple file formats: support AutoCAD, Elaborate, CNC and other file formats
With perpetual calendar


Product Features

  • Built-in multiple interpolation algorithms: support algorithms such as arbitrary linear interpolation in three-dimensional space, circular arc interpolation, spiral imputation, trajectory foresight, and smooth transition of speed.
  • Fast path editing: Frequently used offsets, mirror arrays, etc. can be quickly implemented.
  • Support teach-in programming: draw straight lines, arcs, circles, arbitrary multi-line segments, rectangles, isolated points, MARK points, reference points, etc. through teaching.
  • Support a variety of file formats: support AutoCAD, engraving, CNC and other file formats.
  • Embedded software PLC technology: Using PLC programming language, PLC control functions can be realized to facilitate user programming and function expansion.